Low Clouds

Low Clouds

Low Clouds. Type 1 (cumulus of little vertical extent): Cumulus clouds are very common, especially in warm and moist climates. In the Keys, cumulus clouds are usually based between 1, feet and 3, feet above ground, and can occur at any time of year.

 · Low Clouds. A term used to signify clouds with bases below 6, feet and are of a stratiform or a cumuliform variety. Stratiform clouds include stratus and stratocumulus. Cumuliform clouds include cumulus and cumulonimbus. This altitude applies to the temperate zone. In the polar regions, these clouds may be found at lower altitudes.

The lower part of the cloud is made up of water droplets, while the top of the cloud is made up of ice crystals. The winds at the higher altitudes can reshape the cloud into a very large, flattened anvil called a cumulonimbus incus. Lightning, thunder, and even tornadoes are associated with these clouds.

 · Low Clouds. The low cloud group consists of Stratus, Stratocumulus, and Nimbostratus clouds. Low clouds consist of water droplets. The base of a low cloud is from the ground surface to m. Last modified Septem by Becca Hatheway.

Low clouds occur below feet, and normally consist of liquid water droplets or even supercooled droplets, except during cold winter storms when ice crystals (and snow) comprise much of the clouds.

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