Els Segadors

Els Segadors

 · Els Segadors or The Reapers is the official National Anthem of Catalonia and its lyric refers to the events of known as Corpus de Sang during the Thirty Years’ War () between Spain, England, France and Austria.

 · Els Segadors '. Pere Aragonès, president of the. Generalitat, chose the classic to debut in the. Camp Nou. box. this season, and Laporta had already announced this week that he would respond to his presence with the sounds of. the Catalan anthem, which did not sound before a match for six years.

In , in the midst of mounting anxieties about the impact of immigration on Catalan social integrity, a debate began in the Spanish press about whether the national hymn of Catalunya, Els Segadors should be taught in the region’s public schools.

Catalonian Anthem - Els Segadors. Catalunya triomfant, tornarà a ser rica i plena. Endarrera aquesta gent. tan ufana i tan superba. [Tornada:] Bon cop de falç! Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra! Bon cop de falç! Ara és hora, segadors. Ara és hora d'estar alerta. Per quan vingui un altre juny.

Parx de Mataró.

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